Dr. Megan Williams
Psychoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist

Analyst of the School of the Freudian School of Melbourne
Member of the Clinical College of The Australian Psychological Society


Psychoanalysis is a way of addressing problems of life of all kinds through speaking.

It is a work one engages in rather than a technique. It is an enquiry begun without having a pre-formed answer. It is a means of finding one's own voice rather than of learning to sing in chorus. It aims at finding one's own place rather than aligning with 'the normal'. It is a gathering and an assuming of one's history in a new way.

Psychoanalysis works with any kind of trouble, problem, anxiety or symptom. It begins with some preliminary sessions of speaking together that will give you a chance to judge whether this way of working is for you. 

Megan Williams is a psychoanalyst of the Lacanian orientation practising in Melbourne and Geelong.

She has worked, written and given seminars in psychoanalysis for the past 30+ years, and continues to work and speak psychoanalysis with her colleagues and peers.

She continues this work in order to contribute to holding open a place for psychoanalysis in the face of the increasing pressure to conform exerted by social media and the market.

Dr. Megan Williams
Psychoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist

(P) 0417 728 738
(E) megan@mwilliams.com.au